What’s your story morning glory?

Name: __________________________

Age: _____________________

Gender: ______________________

Childhood spent : __________________ (shelter, home, foster care, street, creche, tribal area, rural countryside, brothel, working the tables in a deli, garment factory, rape, loveless family, musical geniuses, sheltered homes, other, any other)

Grew up: __________________________ (well adjusted, normal, giggly, pimply, thin, perfect bod, ribbed, misunderstood, happy-go-lucky, hopping mines, being raped, chewing gum, watching porn, depressed, studying, dreaming, sleeping, being lazy, abused by pop, mom, uncle, feeling shy, awkward, gauche, nerd, geeky, eating, bingeing, movie-going, fantasising, worried about the future)

What I do:_________________________________ (everything, nothing, something, dreaming, wondering, job, listen, suck up to, gossip, work the code behind a server, answer calls, read “success stories” and hate it, read “success stories” and get inspired, read “success stories” and get deflated, keep jotting down ideas, procrastinate, laze, brood, fear, fight, carp and cavil, stew in jealousy, discount my own potential, feel unworthy, miserable, read, listen and do nothing, feel fearful)

What I want to do: _________________________________ (be a bird, draw, start a startup, begin, dream, nothing, eat, swim, have babies, get rich, love, give, help, hoard, just dream of being rich, sit on my arse and dream, travel, write, make love and music, direct, write some more, just get f@#$% rich and buy a plane, meet Richard Branson, George Clooney, Dalai Lama, Barack Obama, Mark Knopfler, create an orphanage in all war torn areas in the world, be powerful, popular, have BBQ nights with friends at a lovely farmhouse, have annual “girlie” vacations when we’re all 60, continue to have sex till I die, have children, make children, learn, fail, get hurt, risk, indulge)

Why I can’t do: ______________________________________ (because….)

And here’s where your narrative starts. Fill in the blanks.

And it’s the beginning of the end. Ta ta.

Need an adrenaline rush? Try some sugar!