What’s the “new” in the New Year?

It’s 2015. The 6th day of the first month of the 15th year of the 21st century is upon us. Writers, card companies, self-help gurus, Internet maestros, mobile apps are all urging, nay entreating us to “Make resolutions”. What resolutions? To be more, do more, buy more, resolve more, love more, be patient more, exercise more, and so on? Why? What’s this tornado of “gotta do, be, try, attempt, achieve” emotion that sweeps us when the clock strikes about 3 pm in the afternoon, the day after 31st December? Suddenly we’re in a frenzy to turn over a new leaf, more determined, with a steely glint in our glazed eyes, and nothing it seems can come between us and our goals.

And then the clock keeps doing its thing, the days do their thing, as do the weeks and months and we do our thing – we break all the damned rules to ensure that the rules we set ourselves on that first day of the first month no longer rules us. Strange aren’t we?

I don’t know what drives us to do or not do something. I have yet to figure it out – could be habit, could be genetics, could be some chink in our armour, some defect, or sheer ennui or laziness. Who knows, who cares! The only thing that matters is what we feel about our resolutions. How deeply, strongly, passionately do we feel about what we want to do what we have dreamt of doing?! That one single thing which overwhelms us, makes us go teary-eyed, weak-kneed or the veins throb in our temples with anticipation of achieving that which makes the blood roar in our ears.

My intention for 2015 is to run. Have already felt my heart bursting in my chest in my first attempt to do a 5 k.

My dream is to be a coveted communications strategy consultant and allied content services professional with a thriving business. Even thinking about it makes my heart beat faster. The sheer excitement is unbearable when I think that that could also be morphing into reality.

My long cherished desire has been to write a book. This year I intend to give wings to my desire. The idea makes me jump up and down my seat in restlessness and eagerness.

My heart is bursting, my mind is whirring, my soul is feeling stirred. It feels exhilarating. I want to stay with this feeling for as long as I can sustain it, for, we all know what eventually happens as the clock, the days, the weeks and months do their thing and we break the hold our desires and dreams have on our will. Let’s see who wins!

So what’s the “new” in your 2015?