Stressing can become habitual too!


Practice in Glory

Glorious Or Unglorious


Discipline. I’ve written about that here. It helps for sure. What I am trying to do is to cultivate habits that I want to. I’m trying to take baby steps and only going for incremental change. But, but, but, what I’ve noticed is that it’s winding me up, stressing me out and I feel breathless. Yes, of course I want to feel breathless, but with joy, not with anxiety. However I’m in a conundrum with some of the habits – take my learning to play the guitar as an example. If I don’t practice what I learn everyday, it’s not going to serve me well is it? Ditto with drawing or running or journaling. So I’m not sure what to do really. I’m trying to carve out time to do a little of everything every day. This is over and above the work I do and being a solopreneur (solo entrepreneur) it’s tough going considering you’ve got to be the ball boy and CEO of your story. So what do I do? Should I just take one practice, one habit and do it for a month till it becomes effortless like Leo Babauta says? But then what about the guitar and the drawing and the running, etc.?

I need help here. I don’t want to feel run down and run to the ground. I want to feel elevated. Life is about packing in as much as you can, after YOLO right? Suggestions anyone?