Writer’s Block? Maybe it’s fear!

“Discipline is the bridge between
goals and accomplishment.”

It’s been a while since I added to my posts-list. 2 months and some. No surprises there. I’ve always had a hard time stitching goals with accomplishment and bridging that gap with discipline. I am disciplined in many ways and very indisciplined in many others. Realisation: I’m absolutely great at making lists, resolutions and exhorting myself to stick to a routine, but invariably I end up feeling miserable because I haven’t been able to do stick to a routine. Do you find doing that to yourself too?

Here’s what I do: I open a spreadsheet and actually make little time-tables:

  1. Drinking water  – everyday. Yoga – everyday. Walking – everyday.
  2. Areas of improvement: Control your anger.
  3. Journaling – everyday.Meditation – everyday.

And so on. I save them and neatly file them away in some folder which I call “Improvement” or some fancy title like that. Then months later, I look at it lovingly as one would gaze at an old sepia-tinted photograph in a bevelled frame. Sigh a deep sigh and then save it till the next time.

I’ve tried to get to the root of this problem – why is it that I can’t sustain what I start or am not disciplined about what I know will be good for me? Is it fear of success?

Sorry…this post has to be end right here right now. I’ve just got some tragic news, so please forgive me. Will get back soon.




Enough blah! Time for action!

My mind was brimming with stuff to write! Then I started watching an interview of Ramit Sethi by Chase Jarvis and then one interview led to yet another and I kind of lost track.

Lessons learnt on a lazy Sunday after bingeing on interviews, reading, a TV show, and a kick ass movie:

1) Everyday, in every way, you learn. Even if it’s a Sunday. Learning must never stop. Not for a moment. Have a curious mind. Have an open mind. Yes, be hungry.

2) Having a curious mind is just not enough. You can slobber over blogs, articles, books, and pump yourself up saying, “Eureka!” I have the answers to whatever’s been my bugbear for so long. Not enough. You’ve got to put in into action baby. Listen to Ramit. He’s kick ass.

3) Prioritise. Download a ‘to-do’ app. Write it down. Tick it off. Feed it into your Sticky Notes. Do whatever it takes. But prioritise. Or be doomed forever to swim in the pool of confusion.

4) When something inspires you, identify what you feel in your body. Is your heart thumping? Are you feeling some adrenaline gushing through? Do you feel like just jumping off your couch and going for a walk? Do you feel an itch, a twitch, a buzz? Where do you feel it? In your solar plexus area, in your legs, in the middle of your chest, where? Don’t forget it. Ever. Because on days when you’re not inspired, remember to connect with that ‘feeling’.

5) And (how I regret this, but hey, as I write, I’m learning too), when you feel that ‘something’, that sudden burst of inspiration or buzz or that feeling of being gobsmacked because you just ‘know’ it, whatever ‘it’ may be, write it down. Grab whatever is there at hand, even if it’s a sanitary napkin for Chrissakes, but jot that down. Write furiously like your life depended on it. Never mind the spellings, the typos, the syntax. You’ll never regret it. (This is one thing I am going to do for sure).

6) You’ve felt hungry, prioritised, got some clarity with what ‘inspiration’ feels like in your body, jotted stuff down,don’t think it’s over. Not by a long shot honey. This is just the beginning. It’s time for discipline to kick in. No one, not even God am sure, got by without practicing what you believe in again and again and again and again. Look, we humans have evolved right? What do you think evolution is if not practice in action? Something’s working, God, Nature, genetics, call it what you will. All the time. Tick, tick, tick.

Is this something new that a million self-help gurus and books haven’t told you already? Sure. So what? Reading it over and over and over again, hopefully it’ll stick. And finally, when you ‘do’ instead of just sit and read and procrastinate and hope to have an orgasm, that is when you know you ‘got it’. I was procrastinating about this blog for eons. But once I got it off the starting blocks, boy did I feel good! It was euphoric.

The ultimate lesson is what our grandmas always told us – darling the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So dreaming about the pudding, reading about the recipe, working out innovations to the recipe in your mind, even imagining the taste of the pudding can give you oh so much pleasure, but honestly, cross your heart, can there be anything better than actually  baking the pudding, feeding it to others and eating some of it yourself? Hell  no!
So put on your aprons and start measuring out the ingredients and stir like crazy. Watch it rise! And while you wait for that to happen, don’t waste a moment, revel in the HOkey Pokey.

And while you’re at it, you could probably retweet my tweetable, share your ideas on what works for you and maybe we could actually have some cool actionables right?