And the Thursday looms…

The discipline. You set it. You act on it. You let it become a habit.

Even if it’s for an infinitesimal moment, the very act of doing that which you’ve promised yourself is significant.

So forgive me today, for being unable to share something significant. But who said that sharing has to be only about things significant? Say for instance the nachos that I ate at the cinema today was good. That the film that I cried during some scenes in the movie. That I cry like a baby almost at the drop of a hat. That you probably have zero interest in learning about nachos and movies and mundane and banal stuff in my life, but point made.

Coming back to the art of commitment. Once you’ve made it, it’s not for anyone that you need to sustain it, but for your own self. Because like self- love, if you don’t stay the course, can you expect anyone else to, or expect anyone else to believe that you can or will?

So stay the course.mdont give up or give in. Act on your promises and don’t worry about the result. Am positive somewhere some door to and of ¬†possibilities will stare you in the face beckoning you to walk to the other side. Go discover.


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