Live the story!

Remember “go there”? That is CNN’s tag-line.

Today, it is “live the story” by BBC.

They’re so connected to our lives isn’t it? If you don’t live the story, you can’t go there and if you can’t go there, you don’t live the story.

Living the story is what we do, stories of:
the past, the future, the terror, the hurt, the angst, the regret, the guilt, the shame, the fear, the hesitancy, the reluctance, the “when I…” , the dreams, the missed opportunities, the “what if..”.

Sigh! We never live the story of “now”. Never ever bother about what’s staring us in the face now. The wonderful work that you do now. The wonderful people you are surrounded by now. The family that loves you now. The comfort you have now. The world you have created around you now. The routine, the rituals, the experience, the expertise, everything that you have developed, and that is serving you now. Now, now, now. Why don’t we bother about now?

Eckhart Tolle says, “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” 

Sigh! Maybe if we did, would we have stories to tell and live to tell the tale? But let’s make the “now” our story. Let’s make our present, our “right here”, in our “this very moment” count. Let’s not make up stories. Let’s live the story.

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