Go there!

CNN’s latest tag-line is: Go there.

Earlier it used to be :Go beyond borders.

I love it, love it, love it.

It’s an allegory for each of us methinks. Would you agree with me if I said it means, just go there and find:

Meaning       Wealth
Purpose                      Love
Cure       Direction
Dialogue     Happiness      Calling
Friendship           Relationship
Worthiness             Glow
Laughter     Abundance

Song …

these precious gems, strewn as they are in the sands of time lining our paths as we undertake this journey. Yes, go there and find the afternoon in the wintry sun, the rest in work, the satisfaction in action, the rhythm in disharmony, the comfort of agony, the sweetness in sorrow. Go there, go where no one has gone before and no one ever will. Because these journeys are your own and you alone have to go there and find what you are meant to find. Yes, it is there, rest assured, but strewn about like clues in a treasure hunt. Be astute, be patient, be doggedly determined. What is this it? It’s for you to find out. Because you see, I’m on that journey too and I have been for a long time. I go there ever so often and sometimes I stagger back with fear because am astounded at what I find. Then I take deep breaths, inhale, exhale and I slowly creep around the corner to find that “it” and make it my slave. Is that my goal, no, for Heaven’s sakes, not really. I want to enslave it so I can learn how I can be enslaved. Because when I’ve found my “it” I know I’ve lived the life that I’ve always dreamed of – fun, fulfilling and fabulous.

Go there. Find life.


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