“More, more, more” – it never leaves you alone does it?

“Do more.”

“Play more.”

“Work more.”

“Earn more.”

“Be more.”


Am I not doing, playing, working, earning enough already?

And be more what? More human, compassionate, kind, loving, forgiving, patient, altruistic, philanthropic, caring, humane? Nah? Nah!

I’m guessing in modern-speak it would translate to:

more successful, more rich, more networked, more “liked”, more blogged, more retweeted, more instagrammed, more Pinned, more bought, more planned, more vacationed, more stressed (?), more “followed”, more quoted, more photographed, more autographed, more wins, more watched, more homes, more yachts, more cars, more bank accounts, more Ponzi schemes, more 6,7,8 pack abs, more calories burnt, more designer clothes that are honestly unwearable, more shoes from Choo’s, more gasps at audacious ventures, more buying power, more staying power, more power (period), more lovers, more adopted kids (Brangelina anyone?), more shamed, more stalked, more suicidal, more bipolar, more obesity, more You tubed, more “fans”, more 101 guides for dummies, more yoga, more “how to stop working and earning without lifting a finger”, more “me too, me too, look at me, me too”, more reviews, more criticism, more benchmarks, more murders, more dysfunctional families, more loneliness, more alone-ness, more swag, more Tinder, more swipes, more tripe, more carbs, more barbs,  more airbrushing, more waist cinching, more liposuction, more rhinoplasty, more tree felling, more taxes, more carbon monoxide,  more breathlessness, more gadgets, more books, more Vines, more swine (flus), more speed, more greed, more, more, more, more profits, more hits, more beheadings, more killings, more awareness, more darkness, more porn, more con, more curbs, more blurbs, more Nazi, more paparazzi, more expression, more depression, more divorces, more discourses, more tears, more fears, more inhumanity, more insanity, more Jon Stewart, more Martha Stewart, more prankster, more disaster, more money, more phoney, more packaged racks, more guilt racks, more pangs, more also-rans, more sleaze, more disease, more pain, more fame, more game, more dreams, more creams, more suits, more boots, more stripping, more trippin’, more, just more more more.Dammit, I can’t shake this more thing off!

It’s tiring. The pressure is killing. The Earth is shrilling. Bricks and stones will break my bones, “being more, doing more,” will never leave me. Sigh!

(Is it ok anymore to say, I want to rest and not have ambitions, not have desires, just be happy to be me, you, she, he, her, it?)

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