What’s the life you want to have?

You’ve asked yourself this question a gazillion times? Yes? Okay, about a billion times? No? Truth be told, only a few million times. Oh ok, sure. But then, hey, you’re not alone. Who hasn’t asked this question of themselves or been asked this question at a workshop, a seminar, or heard it asked on a podcast, found yourself daydreaming when you see Oprah interview some of her Soul Sunday guests in her beautiful and serene Hawaiian mansion eh?

Well, I don’t know about you, but honestly I’ve been asking myself this question a lot. Not just lately, but for a while now. What is it that I want my life to be filled with? Now this can be looked at as glass half empty, or half full. When I ask myself what is it that I want my life to be filled with, it can mean that my life currently has some gaps and I’d like to have something that I don’t. There’s some lacunae that I need to plug and I’m unhappy about. So my glass is half empty from this perspective.

On the other hand, what is it that I want my life to be filled with can also be looked at as, what more of this life do I want for a future life that I’m envisioning? What’s filling me up right now and what do I really enjoy and love of what I have right now, this very minute. That’s my glass half full.

So let’s do this. Wherever you are right now, sitting, commuting, in the kitchen, on the pot, in a pub, with your folks, kids, lover, wherever, read this piece and do as I’ve explained here. Close your eyes. Imagine you are under a tree in a lovely field full of flowers. Imagine the sun is creating a dappled effect on your skin as it filters in through the leaves of this giant tree. Imagine you can smell the grass and the wild flowers gently swaying to a lovely breeze making them bend this way and then that. Just like a voluptous woman walking slowly to say hello to you in the bar where you’re sitting nursing a drink and thinking ‘woe betide me’. Smell the slightly sharp and sweet perfume of your body mixed with the smell of the earth and the grass and the flowers and the sky. Relax. Imagine. Imagine who you’d like to be with right then, what and who you’d like to be surrounded by, what is the feeling that rises in you when you imagine this. Not the kind of car, not the kind of house, not the kind of clothes, not the shoes or hair or pearls or what have you. F@#$ that! Imagine the feelings that you want to be filled with, when you see the people around you and you around them. Laughter? Stillness? Serenity? Tranquility? Excitement? Passion? Frustration? Joy? Abundance? Fulfillment? Contentment?

What is that feeling? If you can identify that, then you know that that is what you need to be going after, at this very minute, this moment, this millionth of a nano second. Now!
Immerse yourself in the feeling, breathe evenly, and relax for a few mins., or count till 10 and then open your eyes. What do you feel? Sad? Depressed? Purposeful? Determined? Hopeless? Hopeful?

What is the kind of life you want to have is I think about what you really want to feel. I know I want to feel blessed. How can I feel blessed? When I feel a sense of joy, gratitude, warmth and comfort in who I am and who I am with. Right now I’m chasing a mirage – of success and money – in the hope that that will somehow fill my life with the feeling of well being. But the more I chase it, it runs faster and I know I’m getting short of breath. I think I must walk the talk too :). I must let go and immerse myself in the life I want to have. Right now, right this very minute, right now, in this millionth of a nano second.


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