Changing Routine!

Started out with everyday, then went on to Tue-Thu and now am changing my routine again. Am going to come at you on Mon – Thu from next week.

It’s nice once in a while to change routine. Perhaps this helps avoid stasis. Sometimes it’s nice to kind of do a dance, a brisk shake, especially when those cramps take charge of your limbs when you’ve been stationary in one position for long. And when you stop, you feel the blood rush, your heart pumping a little more energetically, and you feel a smile tearing at the edges of your lips, pulling them apart. Yay! Suddenly life in that moment seems really good. Worth cherishing. All those little moments that we allow to slip by not bothering to give it a second glance, because they didn’t create big impact in the channels of our heart or mind. Memories, life, laughter, love, and happiness are made up of small moments aren’t they? That burst of a smile like a ray of sunshine on a cold wintry day from my 16 month old angelic niece and when she goes “Nenooo”, “Nenooooo” is enough to make me wonder about Life’s wondrous quality, sending a silent prayer and being grateful for everything that made that moment happen. Yes, even for me, usually given to slightly more somber thoughts, Life is about those moments.

So just a little change in routine can make Life seem so differently hued, leaning towards rosy. So there’s something about routine, breaking it and making it. Have you thought about the stasis of the mind? And how just a little shake this way or that could unlock, rejuvenate and set in motion a chain reaction that could in short change your Life.

Let’s go shake a leg. Come on Elvis, Jailhouse Rocks.







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