Milestone 1- reached 50!

Just very happy today. Despite the sputtering start, a few misgivings, apprehensions about sustaining a blog, getting anyone at all reading it let alone appreciating it, my style of writing and a whole lot of other excuses notwithstanding, this is my 50th blog post. Yay!!! I did it.

There’s something about achieving something. Something indescribable. Something so utterly satisfying. Maybe you didn’t really set out to achieve a specific goal, though any one who has achieved immeasurable success will tell you that having a goal is essential, when you do accomplish the basic objective and maintain the rhythm, it just fills you up, the enormity of it. I feel so full, and feel a smile stretching ear to ear. Yay!! Yes, I did it.

What did I do that could help me perhaps achieve other goals and give me such immeasurable joy?

1) Do something with heart. If your heart is singing when you set out to undertake something, do it. Don’t look back.

2) Do something with authenticity. Be yourself, don’t worry about how you are perceived by others. If someone thinks you suck, well everyone has an opinion. Don’t you?

3) Do something fearlessly. Think of yourself when you’re 60 and actually experience the feeling of regret and disappointment at not having done something 20 or 25 years earlier. No time like the present.

4) Do something with diligence and commitment especially if it’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing. Why waste time and effort on something that causes you to do this :(.

5) Don’t doubt yourself. Keep the faith.

6) Don’t get disillusioned. Give your passion time to bear fruit. But don’t be blind to your own shortcomings or signs that it may be time to pack up. Be practical.

7) Be original. Even if it’s old wine, at least it can be packaged in an innovative and unique manner. Make it your own.

8) Don’t be in a hurry. While time is of the essence, nothing worthwhile came into existence in a day. Not Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, sliced bread, the aeroplane, the remote, Netflix, Levi’s or whatever else.

(I don’t know what happened, but I take my hate back. Just shows that technology can be forgiving. Unlike those whom it serves).

Oh well, that’s my simple list really of how to stick to your passion. It may not be comprehensive but it’s my list, my voice, my thought, my blog, my share. Finally there’s one non negotiable. Action. Get off your arse and get down to doing whatever you’ve been thinking. Remember YOLO.




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