Interstellar & Nolan perhaps offer us a glimpse of what’s true!

First off – no spoiler alerts here. Nope, am not giving away anything of the movie that others haven’t already done.

Secondly – please check out these interesting articles on the movie and make of them what you will. I laughed at some, agreed with some and went, “Oh God, never really thought of that before!”

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So I’m not going to talk about the cinematography, the holes in the script, whether Nolan is a franchise by himself or an auteur, a visionary, and what makes sense in the film or what is just plain BS nonsense. Well, to be honest, now that I’ve read the above mentioned articles, I do wonder if I got it wrong and if the film is nonsensical.

I watched the film on my own in a movie theatre last week. As I watched it unspool I thought to myself, where is Nolan going with this and when will the film “take off?”. Why are we watching Indian made solar fuelled drones and what not. Then during the 2nd half I was on the edge of my seat. When the movie got over, I shook my head in disbelief – Nolan had done it again – he made a mind-bending movie that was difficult for most of us to get a hold of. When I got out of the theatre, young college boy asks his friends, “So did any of it make sense?”. I smiled. A lot of it didn’t. But as I drove back and pondered about the film, my understanding of the film got clearer.

So here’s my take on Nolan (who I think is a brilliant thinker) and the film Interstellar:

a) The future of the world as we know it today is going to be arid, dry and water is going to be a huge problem.
b) Trees are probably going to be a thing of the past. From dust to dust and ashes to ashes seems so apt for this dystopian future.
c) If we continue to farm the way we are currently going about it, we’re going to be a mono-crop culture and everything, just about everything is going to be corn (as it already is today to a large extent). No wheat, no okra, no potatoes, no nothing. No diversity today rings a death knell for our future.
d) There are some things that we don’t have answers to and we’ll never know. We should just accept that humbly and realise that the Universe is far far far more powerful than anything we can ever imagine.
e) The instinct for survival is ingrained in us since we first came into being. That’s who we are, that’s who we’ll always be. We will kill if we have to, to survive.
f) We’re the only creatures who have the emotional depth. Longing, pain, love, separation, anger, determination, curiosity, the will to beat the odds and loneliness are not to be taken lightly. Connections matter.
g) The thin and thick of all technology is 0 and 1.
h) That our futures are exactly what our present is driving us towards. It’s destined.
That’s the Law of the Universe.
i) Time is of the essence. Whatever you do, wherever you are, time takes us in like a gentle and kind and knowing Yoda, only to chew on us and spit us out when we abuse it and waste it and don’t know how to distill its essence. Time is a very potent 4-letter word. Fuck!
j) Family and bonding with our parents is important. When parents go away, the sense of abandonment never really leaves us. Never ever. Eureka or no Eureka!
k) Parents have favourites among their children. If you’re not the favourite, it can gnaw into your innards till you’re broken. Of course you know that your parent loves you, but you have to accept the fact that you’re not the one. Devastating, true and nothing you can do about it.
l) Solar energy is something that countries like India will innovate in and maximise its potential to derive benefits in many sectors including military, agriculture and other sectors.
m) There is no other Planet like ours – benevolent, generous to a fault, matchless beauty, with everything that we will ever need. We need to safeguard it starting today.
n) Technology is important, but it isn’t the only thing that drives us. Relationships, experiences and feelings still make the world go round.

Yes. These were some of the things that came to my mind after I watched the movie. It may not be stellar and the critics can go to town about everything that’s wrong with the movie, but then that’s their job, to criticise. Obviously there’s enough material for people including yours truly to write reams about it. It has triggered a discussion. Maybe not a monumental debate on issues that plague the human race and its present and future and where we’re headed, etc. It depends on your Point of View doesn’t it? Nolan, I don’t know how you see what you see, but by Jove you and your brother have perhaps figured out deep insights about our time on Earth that’s almost prescient and chilling in its depiction.

Final word? Oh well, go watch the movie. Or not. But don’t forget to connect all the dots. And I mean the dots about relationships and love and people you love and all of that mush. Those dots when joined will probably reveal the ‘grand design’ of the Universe. Game?

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