Fire on the mountain, run, run, run!

So if there was really a fire, imagined or otherwise, what are the 5 most essential things you’d carry with you?

I guess the short answer to that is, “you gotta be kidding me!” And the long answer? Well, it could range from, “Huh?Carry with me? Like I’ll have the time in the world to sift through my closets and files and selfies to figure out what to carry right?”

I remember a couple of months ago when my mom and I discovered that the wall above the UPS seemed like it was turning black. We suddenly felt we smelt “something was burning” and we started sweating a bit. We called for our resident electrician, but it was well after 9 pm and he’d gone home. I got out of my pajamas and donned my jeans and a tee all ready to run. I was worried for my mother (that’s an understatement). While she called the electrician at his residence and requested him to come and check, I quietly sat on my bed in my bedroom and started wondering of all the things that I’d carry with me in a folder in case of fire. I started putting together the following:-

1) a folder which had our passports, ids and my wallet with credit cards
2) my laptop, ipad and cell phone
3) property papers

and as I cast a glance at my beloved collection of books, mentally ran through my clothes, thought about any other essentials that would help me in case of an emergency where I lost everything, all I could think of was my our lives and our safety. Honestly nothing mattered, not the clothes, not the money, not the “things” we’d amassed over time, nothing. I just wanted both of us to be safe.

Of course as things would have it, our electrician came over and checked the UPS, the circuit board and all things electrical. Everything was fine. No fire, no smell, no short circuit, no emergency. Guess what? The blackened walls that we imagined a few minutes ago to have been caused by an wire burning or a fire within, it turned out to be an innocuous shadow of our own ceiling lights. We laughed when we realised. It was a laugh of relief. We exhaled slowly. And as we did, I realised that in an emergency what I really would want to carry first and foremost is my loved ones and then myself to relative safety. Because everything else is neither essential nor necessary. For, where there’s life there’s hope.

And like the shadow that was cast on our walls, it dawned on me that I didn’t want to live my life in the shadow of fear. If there was a disaster or an accident that occurred, I would only want to pray for my wellbeing and that of others caught in the same predicament. Because in the end, life is not about amassing things. Things are easily replaceable.

So here’s my question to you again? In an emergency, what are the Top 3 things you would want to carry with you that’d be vital or rebuilding hope for life? Do share. I’d love to know.

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