Writer’s Block? Maybe it’s fear!

“Discipline is the bridge between
goals and accomplishment.”

It’s been a while since I added to my posts-list. 2 months and some. No surprises there. I’ve always had a hard time stitching goals with accomplishment and bridging that gap with discipline. I am disciplined in many ways and very indisciplined in many others. Realisation: I’m absolutely great at making lists, resolutions and exhorting myself to stick to a routine, but invariably I end up feeling miserable because I haven’t been able to do stick to a routine. Do you find doing that to yourself too?

Here’s what I do: I open a spreadsheet and actually make little time-tables:

  1. Drinking water  – everyday. Yoga – everyday. Walking – everyday.
  2. Areas of improvement: Control your anger.
  3. Journaling – everyday.Meditation – everyday.

And so on. I save them and neatly file them away in some folder which I call “Improvement” or some fancy title like that. Then months later, I look at it lovingly as one would gaze at an old sepia-tinted photograph in a bevelled frame. Sigh a deep sigh and then save it till the next time.

I’ve tried to get to the root of this problem – why is it that I can’t sustain what I start or am not disciplined about what I know will be good for me? Is it fear of success?

Sorry…this post has to be end right here right now. I’ve just got some tragic news, so please forgive me. Will get back soon.




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