I want to be Carrie Bradshaw. Don’t you?

Sex & The City has become a cult classic if I may say so. It’s the modern 20th / 21st century woman’s ode to her own coming of age, with a no-holds-barred-I’m-doing-it-my-way kind of tone and attitude that really sparked off a huge interest. Of course with the fashion and the good looking men and the sparkling wit and repartee thrown in, it was a sure-fire winner.

4 women who are all beautiful, successful and have their own unique personalities navigate their lives, loves, travails and joys with each other and pivots around Carrie Bradshaw. Sassy, talented, single, magazine columnist, self-proclaimed lover of all things luxurious including Manolo Blahniks, assured in her own sexuality and who was fearless in her desire to seek, find and keep love. The all-consuming, electric, breathless, forever and forever kind of love. Was she successful? I don’t know how the series ended, but the movies that followed had her marrying the man of her choice, the love of her life, ‘Big’. Lucky Carrie! I want to be like Carrie. Here’s why:

I want to be sassy like Carrie, sure and comfortable in my own skin, not afraid to show the world my warts et al. More importantly not afraid of waking up in the morning, looking into the mirror and saying, “hello beautiful” despite the mascara streak lining my cheek or my hair standing up on end like I’d had an electric shock.

Carrie Bradshaw quotes

Eventually it all falls into place

I want to be a free flowing writer like Carrie. Writing from the heart, writing it as I see it and writing that connects. Without worrying about comparisons, without worrying about the ‘likes’, without worrying about the ‘followers’. Of course Carrie was a columnist and if she didn’t have a following she’d be off, but am saying, she wrote in a way that connected. I don’t know if can, if I am connecting, yet. Of course I write, but it’s riddled with self-doubt, but then again, show me one writer who isn’t riddled or anxious or brooding about their craft.

I want to be fearless about my sexuality and not keep it under wraps (figuratively speaking). I didn’t choose to be born a woman and so why should I be guilty or shamefaced about having needs and wants like normal healthy human beings do? And why should I be branded for expressing or fulfilling those needs? One-night stands, 3 month-old relationships, FWB (Friends with Benefits) or whatever, the point is, if it feels right, it assuages a need and doesn’t leave you an emotional wreck, go ahead, be yourself. Caveat – know yourself first, love yourself first, be unapologetic about yourself first – and then go about living your life.

I want to be assured and confident about the way I look and create my own style statement instead of following a trend. I want to be the trend-setter and not the trend-follower. I want to wear my clothes like my own skin because what can be more comfortable than that?

I want to be a hopeful, forever. Never ever giving up on hope for myself. Never ever doubting that there is love out there and not just any kind of love, but that all-consuming, electric, breathtaking, heart-blazing kind of love and it will be come into my life. Yeah, the “I’m all in” kind of “all or nothing” love. Fingers crossed.

Carrie Bradshaw quotes

Be a free spirit. Be unafraid of who you are.

I want to be passionate about life. Friends and family and loved ones, giving them my all. Not being stingy with love, support or balanced observations – if you strip that euphemism it really means that saying it like it is, without hiding under hyperboles or massaging anyone’s ego. Your loved ones deserve the truth and you know what they say about truth right? It may be bitter, but it’s the one that sets you free :).

I want to have a crazy following like Carrie Bradshaw. But yet remain unaffected by it and stay true to my calling and my craft and my purpose. Purpose? Aah, now that requires a whole new conversation around it but sure, purpose. Life is what we make of it and if I have a PoV why not share it, maybe you’ll feel the same?

Carrie Bradshaw quotes

To err is human

I want to have crazy, dizzying success – with love, relationships and career. Oh yeah, I want to live the dream life, tears, heartbreaks and misplaced Manolo Blahniks notwithstanding. To live fully, fearlessly and passionately. Am getting there, it’s a rocky road and right now if you ask me, I’d probably show you a tear-streaked face and wail, “I’m doomed to never find love.” :). But like Scarlett O’Hara said, “tomorrow is another day.”

I want my life to be as succulent and moist and orgasmic as a chocolate walnut pastry with oodles of chocolate sauce where every mouthful sends you into “OOOOH” land and makes you want more and more. Heaven!

I don’t want to be Carrie Bradshaw mind you. But I like the essence of the free spirit, independent, vulnerable yet strong, affected yet pure, flawed yet so real, daringly passionate and unafraid-to-go-with-her-gut and feelings even if it means breaking someone else’s heart kind of woman. She’s real in many ways and yet since she’s a character from a book, now cult classic TV show and movies, she perhaps also nestles in the realm of “unattainable” and “it only happens on TV”. But what the hell, I want to be like her.

I’ve given my list of ‘why I want to be Carrie Bradshaw’, it’d be great to hear from you if you’d like to be like her or someone else who is your role model and why. Share, share, share. Sharing is caring.

And oh yeah, while you try on your shoes tonight and get ready to wear that dress and paint the town red, listen to this gorgeous song and groove baby. You go, woman!

You know me. You don’t mind waiting.
You just can’t show me, but God I’m praying,
That you’ll find me, and that you’ll see me,
That you run and never tire.

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