Is it the end of the world? Really?

No, I haven’t got anything new to add.

Yes, there are times when we bloggers don’t have a point of view or anything original to say. It may be called blogger’s block, to paraphrase from another well known phrase and it can cause some consternation or sometimes panic, but deep inhalation and exhalation can perhaps help alleviate the panic and instill some calm to the mind that is used to jumping up and down and threatening to go ballistic, just like the way our media, online, offline, and TV all go ballistic proclaiming every second that the world is mean, harsh, people are bad and yes the world is well neigh near its very end, more likely the end of its tether and is perhaps also fulminating to spout a new volcano, raise a tsunami or just cause a polar vortex that has entire cities of millions freezing like never before, that too at a time where all people really need is a lot of warmth, love and connection, but connections too are so transient and ephemeral and so embedded in the ether that the real, body-to- body, face-to-face, intangible but deeply felt connections, the kind that makes your heart sing, zing, grin is hardly ever felt and so we choose to move deeper into the vortex of net-working, but of the ether-eal kind (you know, the ubiquitous Internet), to keep out the cold, the loneliness and hope to feel love and happiness and joy and abundance and instead are constantly bombarded with news that says, “hey you know what, are you listening or watching, but the world we live in is a real bad-ass and you’ve been given a raw deal and if you don’t feel nauseous you’re not human, you’re probably from the X-files” and on and on and on goes the chatter shattering our peace, our minds and causing so much of an upheaval of the mind, the heart and everything else, that you do feel that you sometimes live in the worst country ever or have the worst life ever or the planet is infested with the worst humans ever since the genesis of humankind on Planet E and you tear your hair out thinking how do I save it, what can I do and then get on board the carousel of the unforgiving mind and you wish you could be one of the protagonists from The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and actually erase your memory selectively and only remember saccharine sweetness, but then too much sugar can cause diabetes and that leads to medication which in turn can cause BP or some blood clotting and then your minds goes into a tailspin of “if only I hadn’t consumed so much of the rich stuff and had taken more care of what I ingested” and you realise that life isn’t about regrets and the past, it’s more about this moment, this breath, now, and that all you really have to do is not worry if the world is coming to an end, but just go out there and do and be the best you can, and be evolved and don’t be sorry that you are a human, invested with all the traits and emotions that only humans are blessed with, including greed, jealousy, rage, distrust and all the other 7 deadly sins that the Bible talks about, so hey, yeah as I was saying, go out there and do the best you can, be the best you can, and you will somehow have contributed to making the world a better place, because if the world could be wiped out and we could start on a clean slate, I can assure you that we would still be in a mess as we are today and would still loot, plunder, kill, lie, cheat, for power and pelf, for despite all the enlightenment,education, progress and ‘evolved’ people we have grown up to be, the one fact that remains is that we are human and we are like this only. Phew!

Go on, start shaking a leg to this song, because we certainly didn’t start the fire, but for God’s sake we could try and put the wrong ones out and keep the good ones burning, including the ones for change. You with me or what?

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